Completely Casual

Today’s I’m going for the ultra casual look. Sometimes I like to feel really casual rather than dressing up every day. As I’m only shopping, I chose not to wear a dress because taking tights off and then having to put them back on every time I try something on can be quite a faff. I think graphic tees are the best way to still have an exciting outfit without going over board and staying casual. The one I’m wearing was actually a present, but t-shirts like this are available anywhere. I like that this t-shirt can have a dark background (still sticking with black as usual) but the design that reads “live on tour” is the focus point for the whole ensemble. In my opinion, jeans are the best nonchalant style without going full laid-back and wearing sweats. I prefer to wear super skinny, and this pair is from Topshop which make some of the softest jeans I’ve ever worn in my life. I’ve also found that the classic pair of hi-top Converse are not only comfortable but the ultimate informal shoe. I was going to wear boots, but again thinking of practicality, I went straight to the All Stars. 

T-Shirt – gift

Jeans – Topshop

Bag – Next

Shoes – Schuh