Happy Hiking

I always see living in Yorkshire as a bad thing. Simply because I like busy cities and lots of people, places like London, New York City and even Los Angeles seem like magical cities and the best place to be; but sometimes there’s nothing I love more than being able to look out the window and seeing the Yorkshire Dales, watching a sheepdog control an unbelievably large flock of sheep or just being mesmerised at the phenomenal landscapes the county has to offer. I like in a historic village area of West Yorkshire, so everything is very simple, there’s not overbearing traffic and major events (apart from Bingley Music Live) and people smile at each other in the street. One of my favourite things to do on my days off is go for long walks or hikes up the moors right to the very top. The great thing about walking all the way to the top is that I can see Leeds Bradford Airport, as well as Lister Mill and plenty of other historical landmarks around Leeds and Bradford. On a clear day, there’s nothing greater than seeing all the jumbo jets set off in different directions, flying to every corner of the Earth. Although it’s a tiny bit colder than a few months ago, I still enjoy occasionally hiking to the very top of the moors – it’s a great place to relax or read, and it’s rare there’s a lot of people up there during the day. An essential for me when taking these 3 mile walks are my favourite chunky boots. I bought these from Brantano for around £20 and I have to admit, I think they’re a better quality boot than Timberland. I know high brands are usually quite pricey, but I’ve found that sometimes the cheaper items is better despite all the stigma attached to big brands. My teeny tiny shoulder bag/purse is perfect for today as it fits my phone and some spare change in which are the only things I take with me. I’m wearing some thick charcoal jeans because there are some sections of the footpath where I need to climb so I need to be able to move, but it’s a little colder as autmun is in full swing so I think jeans are the best way to go. Finally, I bought my jacket and t-shirt during the summer season but I can’t get enough. My t-shirt is made of a rally high quality, thick cotton, so it’s so cosy and warm even though it’s just a short sleeved tee. Over the top, my jacket is very light but still well insulated so it’s ideal as I usually get really warm when I’m walking uphill. Unfortunately today is only a quick walk as I have job interviews today but it’s a great wake up!  

T-shirt – Topshop

Jacket – Next

Jeans – Urban Outfitters

Boots – Orchard

Bag – market stall