Jersey Dressing

I have always been the girl who wears dresses, from day one – I’ve just loved them. In primary school I would wear dresses throughout the winter even though it’s much more logical to wear trousers when you live in the North of England. I think my love from dresses stems from me usually being able to find trousers that are long enough to fit me, as I have very long legs; usually the long-length trousers available in stores are too short. Dresses on the other hand, are very different. With most, there’s no height and limb length restriction. I can wear lots of dresses without worrying about them looking strange because they don’t fit right. This doesn’t apply to maxi dresses and skirts but that’s a different story altogether. As I grew up, I began to favourite the fit-n-flare or skater style of dress because I found it most flattering for my body shape and they’re comfortable for me to wear. I’m lucky to have a fashion designer for a mother, so a lot of dresses can be made specifically for me and they’re one of a kind, but if there wasn’t much time on our hands, I always resorted to dresses made out of jersey, one of my favourite fabrics. Jersey is a really soft knit fabric with stretch in and in many cases can be quite lighweight. This dress I’m wearing today is from Topshop, and although it’s a drop-waist dress which I wouldn’t usually go for, the fabric is just so comfortable and flexible I just couldn’t resist. Most dresses today are made out of jersey for it’s elasticity and durability, but I like that it comes in so many different colours and styles because it’s a knit fabric, and I head straight to the jersey section every time we visit a fabric store.

Dress – Topshop

Coat – Dorothy Perkins

Bag – TK Maxx

Shoes – Schuh