Loving Leather

I think an item made of leather is a must have in any closet. Whether it’s just a simple skirt of a pair of super shiny trousers. I personally love leather jackets because I think they’re so easy to style and can be paired with a lot of different items. I’ve found that leather jackets are the one item of clothing you can own for years and still style it to perfect, just like a promising pair of jeans. Leather as a fabric can be difficult to buy, usually the higher the quality, the higher the price. I don’t own a lot of custom-made leather items simply because it can be cheaper to buy them in the long run, but there’s so many leather items on the market at the moment in plenty of different colours so there isn’t much room to complain. I actually remember when leather jackets because a huge trends while I was about 14 in 2008, Topshop had just released a line of leather jackets, and most of them had hoods on *cringe* which I was desperate to have. Of course now, I’m happy I didn’t buy one because leather jackets look a lot better and are more versatile without a hood. Today’s look is über casual as I’m only going shopping during my day off. One of my favourite things about good quality leather is that it’s thick and naturally insulating so I can wear one of my favourite patterned tees underneath which is quite thin and loose on me, without getting really cold in the autumn breeze. I’m carrying my favourite leather bag from Topshop that’s a really strong leather, making the bag well structured and less floppy. Finally, my leather hi-tops were bought a few years ago and are still a favourite of mine for the winter because they are so warm and well-lined as well as extremely comfortable to walk in.

Top – Primark

Jacket – Miss Selfridge

Jeans – Next

Shoes – Fred Perry

Bag – Topshop