Rainy Day

The weather is not awesome today – it’s foggy and cold and raining. But it’s not actually rain, it’s like a weird wet mist that somehow soaks your hair without it pouring down, I really don’t like it. But I do have this raincoat from Topshop that I’m just in love with. I like that it’s not a basic trenchcoat or parka design which is really common in coat when the weather is a bit colder. I actually first bought this coat a few years ago when I started walking to school, and it’s remained in it’s amazing quality ever since. The outer fabric is waterproof, but it isn’t really noisy which is great because I can’t stand the annoying plastic-like sound shell coats make. The outer fabric is also really soft and unbelievably light so I have no issue it the rain really begins to pour. This coat is lined on the inside with a thick fleece fabric which is one of my favourites because it always keeps me warm. And I’m always cold. For a busy day like today, this coat is ideal for the weather. And as it’s black, it can be paired with anything. I chose all-black accessories, including my snood from Urban Outfitters so I can highlight my bright dress underneath. I haven’t quite distinguished the colour of my dress yet, sometimes it’s pink and other times it looks orange, but I thought it would brighten up my ensemble on such a dull day.

Dress – made for me

Coat – Topshop

Scarf – Urban Outfitters

Bag – TK Maxx

Shoes – Next