Subtle Sparkle

Today’s dress reminds me of a kangaroo. I think because it’s made of a thick fabric, like the fur of a kangaroo and it has a little pouch – I just can’t help but feel like one when I wear it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, just an observation. I’ve really grown to love the dress after realising how versatile and functional it is. Today I’m wearing it for more of a casual day, but this dress is really easy to dress up to. The glittery effect in this piece makes it stand out from the darker background and pulls an outfit together making it seem more exciting. The subtle sparkle in this dress makes it a go-to piece if I need an exciting outfit as without the sprinkle of glitz the dress would be quite boring. The length is incredibly practical because it’s not too long to be worn on a casual Saturday but not too short to be worn to a more formal event. To finish my mellow weekend look, I’m wearing plain black leather pumps and carrying a leather bag (both faux) to put all the attention on my dress.

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Bag – gift

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