Super Smart and Considerably Casual

Happy Monday! There are often days where I have to dress in a less casual outfit to suit the occasion. Working for a charity means there are often meetings with other charity members. They don’t exactly require you to arrive in a suit and tie, but turning up in your favourite sweats isn’t the best idea. If you work in quite a relaxed work environment where you still need to make an effort, I think this outfit is perfect as it highlights the best of smart and casual combined. When I hear ‘smart-casual’ I immediately think dark denim. Whether this is because I have a soft spot from charcoal jeans I’m not totally sure, but I think darker denim is a great fabric to include in an outfit that is a little more formal than the rest. It’s socially seen as less of a colloquial colour because darker tones tend to be associated with seriousness. I’ve only ever attended three job interviews in my life, but all three times I wore a blazer because they immediately give off a formalistic vibe. I love blazers because they’re so versatile, and they can be worn over any type of item underneath – for interviews I lean towards dresses but blazers pair well with plenty of items. Blazers also come in so many different styles and colours so it’s impossible not to find one you like – unless you have a realyl strong hate for blazers. My oversized bag is perfect for today as I’ll be carrying folders and paperwork which looks a lot better without dog ears and tears. My oversized bag is idea for storing a lot of items without it getting too heavy or breaking – I often use it as a carry-on because it’s so large and has zips on to expand. To finish the look, I included a bright blue blouse that adds a touch of colour to the overall outfit and my jet black Chelsea boots which appear much more professional in contrast to my everyday Converse. 

Blazer – M&S

Top – Next

Jeans – Topshop

Boots – Dorothy Perkins

Bag – Next