Velvet Splashes

Velvet has always been one of my favourite fabrics because it’s so ‘jazzy’ and exciting. A velvet dress is a really easy way to make an outfit seem more flamboyant because of the natural shimmer the fabric has. I’m obsessed with this dress that was made for me, that has splashes of velvet all over it in various colours. I think the brighter colours stand out a lot more because the background fabric is grey which makes a really simple design seem a little more zestful for autumn. I paired the dress with an oversized knitted cardigan from Primark that I’ve had for a while and is probably the most durable item of clothing I’ve ever bought from there. It’s quite a chunky knit, which is perfect for gloomier weather like today because it keeps me really warm without having to wear a thicker jacket. My Chelsea boots are an essential for autumn because they’re leather and so easy to dress for either a casual occasion or a more formal event. I’ve also found that these boots are versatile in what they can be worn with. I often weather them with dresses, but they can be paired with jeans or even shorts.

Dress – made for me

Cardigan – Primark

Boots – Dorothy Perkins

Bag – Next