Wondrously Woolly

Mondays can be a bit of a drag. For some absurd reason, they always seem to be the longest day of the week. The unexpected bright weather has cheered up the day slightly, but it’s still the first working day of the week after a fun-filled weekend. At work, the dress code is very relaxed so I usually were quite casual looks. It’s actually a great way for me to experiment with some of the less-worn outfits in my wardrobe – which I eventually learn to love. This black jumper was made for me a while ago, and I only ever really wore it to sixth form because I needed comfy clothes to wear for long periods of time. Once I finished school, this jumper went straight to the back of my wardrobe because I never felt the need to wear it anymore, but it turns out – I love this jumper! It’s jet black, which is a colour I was supposed to be trying to avoid but sometimes I can’t help it. The jumper, or sweater contains a teeny tiny bit of wool which keeps me extra warm at work. I usually have to be really careful with wool because it irritates my skin and becomes really itchy. But tiny traces don’t usually effect me. My super cosy jumper also has a slightly ribbed effect in it which I think makes it unqiue in comparison to a lot of other woolly jumpers.

Jumper – made for me

Jeans – Topshop

Shoes – Brantano

Bag – Next