Autumn Feeling

The cold is really settling in. It’s freezing! We’re at this time of year where the winter chills are beginning to creep but even though there’s the occasional blast of sunshine. I’m totally and completely prepared for the colder seasons – mainly because most of my wardrobe consists of darker colours, and I own a lot of jumpers and jackets which always come in hand in autumn. Well today, the weather is absolutely all over the place. One minute it’s gale force winds and the next there’s hailstones the size of bullets dropping from the sky. My coat is perfect for an unexpected day like today; not only because the light charcoal colour pairs with everything in my wardrobe, but also because it contains a tiny bit of wool to keep me warm without weighing me down. I decided to wear this ombré scarf just to add a touch of excitement to the overall look. This is another item in my wardrobe that will go with plenty of other pieces because of it’s versatile colour. This scarf is 100% wool but because it’s thinner, it won’t take on a lot of water if it gets wet. Jeans are a must today, they’re my go-to casual bottoms for unexpected elements. I look to wear my nude booties as often as possible and today is no exception. I think they add an element of elegance to my outfit and are super easy to walk in while boosting my height.

 Jumper – Topshop // Coat – Dorothy Perkins // Jeans – Urban Outfitters // Shoes – Next // Bag – Next // Scarf – gift