Heavy As a Feather










No weight, no worry. Today’s look is super casual for me as I’m having a shopping-only day after a work-filled one yesterday. And as I’ll be travelling quite a lot, I want to stay warm; I really need the perfect coat to wear that isn’t too much of a burden. There are some coats that are just a bit of a faff to wear and too much to deal with. The last thing I want is to be reaching up to grab a book from the top shelf in Waterstones and my coat lifts up, bringing my top with it – that’ a no-no. I also don’t want a jacket that’s too long, if I do ever take it off, there’s that small chance that it could trail on the floor if I don’t carry it properly which is the exact opposite of what I want while shopping in Bradford city centre. A lot of jackets and coats I wear are also really heavy which is fine for a short day out, but I’ll be window shopping all day so I don’t want to be uncomfortable. A bad coat can dampen the whole day. Today’s coat is very different. I still cannot believe how light it is for a well-insulated cover-up. It’s incredibly thick, but not overbearing to wear; I also like the contrast in the faux fur collar colour and the colour of the outside of the jacket. With this almost black/white effect, I can wear it with simple colours and still stop my overall look from being too dull. But to add a splash of colour to my look, I’m wear my favourite knitted top from Next to keep me extra cosy. The amazing soft collar on my coat means there’s no need for me to wear a scarf, so it’s extremely practical for a shopping day.

Top – Next // Coat – Matalan // Jeans – Topshop // Shoes – Next // Bag – market in Salou