Perfect Patchwork

Wearing an oversized shirt as a dress is a big risk, but sometimes it can work. My shirt is quite long, and actually gets longer in the back which makes me feel much more comfortable. I think this look would be great for a holiday (of course without tights), but I have found it works for this season too. My inside leg measurement is also 35.5 inches which is considered rather long; making this shirt quite risky for me. If you prefer to wear leggings, I think that works perfectly too. I also love the two different shades of blue on this shirt even though it’s one fabric. That’s one way to ‘spice up’ a simple button-up shirt without going overboard for Autumn. Denim is such a versatile fabric, which comes in so many colours so I know I will be able to style this top in many different ways to suit so many different occasions. It’s one of those shirts that can be styled up and styled down. You may select this shirt as a focus point for a casual look, or it can be used in layering in the colder seasons. On the other hand, pairing this shirt with the perfect formal jacket, skirt or trousers can immediately add elegance. The denim isn’t too thick and isn’t as all stiff which makes my top comfortable all day unlike a lot of pure cotton or denim shirts I own that can grow uncomfortable after a long period of time. 

Shirt – Next // Bag – Topshop // Shoes – Schuh