Sunny Sapphire








Bright blue has always been a go-to colour for me, most of you will have seen my almost luminous blue coat as I wear it quite often. I have always favoured this colour because I think it compliments my skin tone rather than clashes or washes it out. Colours like red and orange aren’t great for me unless they’re quite dark. Usually, the brighter the blue, the better and today my top half is shining sapphire. My jumper, which I have had for a while now is cotton, jersey and wool – ideal for this time of year. The fabric is really soft as it’s quite a tight knit so I can brave the cold without a heavier coat. My jumper is a little shorter than the average length which I like as I can pair this top with either trousers or a skirt. My matching hat, which is from Next was my first ever beanie hat. I’ve always favourite this style of hat simply because they don’t make my head look any bigger, unlike most hats do. The two bright colours on the top half contrast really well with my dark hair and skin, I feel a little bit like a human highlighter. As I wanted all the focus of my outfit to be on the top, I chose my favourite charcoal jeans, a matching denim rucksack and some faux leather hi-tops.
Do you have a go-to comfort colour?

Jumper – M&S // Jeans – Topshop // Shoes – Fred Perry // Bag – TK Maxx // Hat – Next