Sweetheart Stylin’

Whenever I wear ballerina pumps, I always feel younger. This may be because I wore them in my tween years so I automatically associate them with my younger self. This pair of pumps have bows on, which is why I think they’re super cute and sweet because they’re so simple. The pumps have a element of innocence in their sensible but stylish appearance. Today’s dress is a top favourite of mine, it’s something I have owned for years but just can’t seem to let go. Sometimes there’s one item in your closet that you just can’t depart with – it’s physically impossible to release, the items doesn’t even have to fit, but it has some sort of memory attached to it and nostalgia isn’t always a bad thing. Fortunately, my dress still fits even though I think I about it around five or more years ago. It’s not too old, but this piece has had it’s fair share of the limelight. When I was a lot younger, well, maybe 13, I used to spin around in dresses (I occasionally still do) to see how high the hemline would fly. This dress was always perfect for twirling because it gave you that ‘princess’ feel, which looking back it kind of cute. I really like the style and the length of the dress, because I’m quite tall, a lot of dresses are often too short for me. When I originally bought this dress I was probably only 5 feet and 6 inches so it would have been a little longer. 5 inches later, and this dress still fits like a glove and is an ideal length. I’ve found that it can be styled for so many different evens, the colour helps. A dress with pockets is a dress that will immediately catch my attention. Over the top, I’m wearing a cotton coral cardigan to keep me warm. 

Dress – Next

Cardigan – Dorothy Perkins

Shoes – Next

Bag – Topshop