The Wild Brunch

For the first time today, I’m going from brunch. Being completely honest, I have absolutely no idea what kind of food you would eat at brunch but I know food will definitely be there so I’m eager to attend. I’m from West Yorkshire, and we’re a broad breed of people who eat whatever whenever so I’m actually quite excited. There’s something about eating out that makes food taste so much better. The huge shopping mall in Leeds named Trinity Leeds has an entire section inside called Trinity Kitchen which is almost as magical as Red Hot Buffet. There’s just so much food! Over the years I have really become a food enthusiast and I don’t really know how. And now that I’m technically an adult with a wage, I know the value of a British Pound and treasure good food when I can. I would class brunch as quite a casual event, I don’t think there’s any need to dress up too much and I also know that I’ll be going to a restaurant that’s incredibly relaxed in the city centre. Skater shoes have become a wardrobe favourite for me because I can pair them with anything and they instantly look relaxed. As my dress and attire is very colloquial, I added these all-black shoes for a touch of formality yet laid-back feel – plus, I really like wearing them with dresses or skirts. Choosing all-black accessories was intentional as I wanted most of the focus of today’s look to be on my dress. It’s one of my favourites because the stretchy jersey fabric is incredibly cosy and it has splashes of velvet colour, my favourite fabric. I’ve found this dress to be the ultimate go-to for an easygoing ensemble. 

Dress – made for me // Cardigan – made for me // Bag – market in Salou // Shoes – Brantano