Woolly Owls





Mother Nature’s in a terrible mood today. Good thing I love beanies. One of the things I look forward to most about the colder seasons is being able to wear coats and beanie hats. I’m not really a hat person, not a lot of styles suit me because they usually make my head look a lot bigger – but I like to wear beanie hats because they keep my head warm and they don’t make my head look any bigger than it is. Today’s look makes me feel really happy because I think I’m finally embracing autumn. The season’s in full swing and the leaves are changing so quickly I can barely keep track. During August, I was struggling with the fact that summer is almost over, so I wouldn’t be able to wear my favourite floral dresses without tights because it’s way too cold. Nevertheless, my collection of jeans will soon rise to the top of my closet, my favourite leather jacket will become an essential and hi-tops are a must have. Along with my woolly owl beanie hat (that’s so incredibly cosy), I have a large collection of scarves, especially knitted ones. I love to feel snug and warm especially when the weather is a little mistral and miserable. My snood scarf is great for windier days because I can wear it as a hood as well around my neck to keep me warm, exceptionally versatile.

Top – made for me // jacket – Miss Selfrigde // snood (scarf) – Primark // jeans – Next // bag – gift // shoes – Schuh // hat – Matalan