As Simple as It Seems

My outfit of the day is very simple, but it’s still one of my favourites. This look has become a go-to outfit as it’s casual and laid back, but still looks as if I did put some effort in. My jumper, which is a one-of-a-kind find from TK Maxx has wool in to keep me warm, but is luckily thin enough to use in a layering outfit. So if the temperature does drop, I know I can throw on an oversized coat or even a jacket without feeling too restricted. Similarly, my jeans are from Topshop, who sells some of the softest jeans I have ever tried. They’re still made of a good quality of denim, but stretchy and pair well with plenty of items while being durable. Durable denim is essential for me as it’s not often I can find jeans that are long enough for me – when I find the right pair, I need them to last a while and not wear away. Both my boots or ‘booties’ and bag are from Next. The leather and suede of both items is faux but still very authentic looking. Out of the whole ensemble, I feel like these two items add the touch of elegance to the look which makes it appear more mature. The oversized bag is a great accessory this season and although my nude boots will only pair with a selected handful of colours, they tie an outfit together.

Jumper – TK Maxx // Jeans – Topshop // Boots – Next // Bag – Next // Watch – Next