Berry Farmer

Coat season is in full swing and I’m absolutely loving it. The great thing about coats is that you can wear them when they’re too small and too big – if you style them right. The same method works with jumpers too. The coat I’m wearing today was ‘thrifted’ while I was window shopping and it’s slowly but surely growing on me. At first, I was reluctant to try it on as it’s a larger size and doesn’t exactly ooze glamour but experiment with my style is a goal of mine. It turns out, this coat is much greater than I could imagine. Although it reminds me a lot of a jacket quite a lot of farmers wear in Yorkshire, I have found it to be really useful as we get closer to winter. I think, although it’s very simple it has a vintage-like vibe to it. Grandad fashion is back, I guess. Berry-coloured clothing is naturally more popular in the back end of the year so I was happy to see a nice maroon-like lining inside the coat, and paired with with a lace jumper and cotton beanie.

 Coat – thrifted // Jumper – made for me // Jeans – Next // Bag – Topshop // Shoes – Schuh