Cotton Crush

I can’t lie, I’m a sucker for discount prices. Seeing sale signs make me smile almost as much as free food. I didn’t grow up in an extremely privileged family, so I’ve learnt many tips and tricks over my 18 years. With a mother as a fashion designer, I’ve also learnt to appreciate good material when I find it. My dress is made of cotton lawn, which is an incredibly find cloth that feels very silky on the skin. Although this dress is ideal for the summer as it keep you cool, I also love to wear it during this time of year to brighten up my closet. The fabric is untextured, and reasonably thin, so the aztec-like pattern adds a little excitement to the overall look rather than just a blend of colour. The winter season is setting in, so it’s only natural that I begin to gravitate towards boots, and grey boots at that. These faux leather boots are amazing as they’re loose-fitting toward the top, meaning I can wear thick socks inside without them being seen. For my outfit of the day, I purposely chose all-grey items, including my cardigan as I wanted the dress to remain the centre of my outfit as it’s bursting with colour.

Dress – TK Maxx // Cardigan – made for me // Boots – Brantano // Bag – TK Maxx