Handbags And Gladrags

As I young girl I used to be obsessed with handbags. It’s all I was know for during my first few years of secondary school. During one year, I had a different school bag ever week and the collection continued to grow. Style-wise, this wasn’t my brightest period, my idea of classy or glamour was anything with a metallic tint or a well-known brand stamped on the side. I even remember carrying a bag made by Apple Bottom because the song Low by Flo Rida featuring T-Pain was incredibly popular at the time. 2007-2009 are years I can only look back on to laugh, cringe-worthy is an understatement. However, since that time, I have always adored a good handbag no matter what the size. I recently bought this Fiorelli tote from TK Maxx, where Fiorelli bags are very popular. This is my first Fiorelli bag, and so far I can’t stop carrying it. The faux leather is very high quality which gives the bag really good structure and makes it easier to carry and keep organised. The splash of blue, which is in the same place on both sides adds colour to my winter wardrobe which seems to consist of a lot of greys and blacks. This is definitely my favourite purchase of the month!

Shirt – Next // Jacket – Miss Selfridge // Jeans – Topshop // Shoes – Brantano // Bag – Fiorelli