Hello, November.

This time of year is my favourite time of year. Most people are more focused on how it’s getting darker so quickly but that’s just a good sign that winter is on it’s way! Halloween is great and all, but I really love November and December. Even though I’m a spring baby, I prefer the complete opposite side of the year. In school, I was the one kid that would always point out that it’s snowing outside due to sheer excitement. Snow means more hot chocolate which is all good for me. This end of the year also brings sweaters, blankets and books, super cosy socks and plenty of candles. Over the year my collection of candles has frown which means I’m stocked up for the winter. The weather is not too hot but not frost bite cold which brings layering and autumn nail colours. I love to watch fireworks and November 5th marks bonfire night so I just can’t wait! Today’s outfit is a perfect example of what I would wear to a bonfire. The weather is  usually quite cold but the heat from the fire makes up for it, however I still think jeans are the best choice. My hat which is yet another beanie this week, suits the month well as the colours are great for this season. The wool knit has become a genuine favourite of mine as they keep me warm and cosy especially when the chillier winds are blowing.

What’s your favourite thing about this time of year?

Jumper – M&S // Jeans – Miss Selfridge // Boots – Dorothy Perkins // Bag – Next // Hat – Matalan