Mad Motivation

It’s strange how motivation to do certain things comes out of nowhere. After a blogger chat on Twitter last night, I suddenly became motivated to write a load of blog posts and articles due to being inspired by other bloggers. As I pointed out in my tweets, the one aspect I’m drawn to in the blogging industry is the sense of community and respect each blogger has for one another. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been blogging or how many followers you have – it seems that everyone is supportive and excited to meet each other. That’s from my experience so far anyway. I have only been blogging for under a year, so I’m no expert and I know I have much to learn, but I’m enjoying the journey. I get inspired very easily, whether it’s from other people or simply my surroundings, and usually, inspiration brings motivation and determination to improve.

You may notice I’m not posting as much this week, and that’s due to a little winter bug I’m currently fighting through. I had my flu jab on Monday (which does hurt despite what they tell you) so at least I know I’m protected for this season. Today’s look is quite colour coordinated which is very common in my personal style. As much as I like a colour clash, having an outfit that matches just makes me smile. My beanie hat is a new favourite of mine, the collection is slowly growing. As I’m not too well, I chose a wool hat to keep my head warm which is important. Although I’ll be staying inside most of the day, I do like to get dressed rather than lounge around my pyjamas – that only encourages me to stay in bed! The beanie is blue, red and white and I think ties the navy/white theme together.

Jumper – Dorothy Perkins // Jeans – Urban Outfitters // Shoes – Nike // Bag – gift // Hat – Next