Tartan & Blue

The dull weather really dampens my mood. As much as I love autumn and winter, it would be great to have a rainy day or a sunny day, rather than a weird fog/mist/partially cloudy day. It’s also the time of year where we are freezing in the morning but overheating by 3pm. I no longer attend school so I don’t have the awkward situation of trying to pick an outfit that suits this unpredictable season. One this I couldn’t let go of during the summer was my blue coat. Summer in the North isn’t that long – maybe about 3 days and then just rain. But I found this coat to suit most outfits and it’s continued to be reliable through to this time of year. At first glance, I wouldn’t find a lot of items in my wardrobe to pair well with the coat but luckily it just seems to work. My jumper, which was bought for £4.00 from Topshop in the sale naturally appears during this season. Note: I’m so very proud I found such an amazing item at that price in a store like Topshop. Tartan, check and flannel are all autumnal trends that constantly pop up on the high street and seem to be common with celebrities too.

Cropped jumpers are great for me as I have a figure that’s most similar to hourglass. Having long legs does hide this a little bit, but it’s there. Cropped tops paired with high-waisted bottoms are a great combination as they highlight the best bits of the body shape and disguise all the bits we don’t want to show.

Jumper – Topshop // Coat – Dorothy Perkins // Jeans – Next // Bag – TK Maxx // Converse – Schuh