Texture Tangle

When you mix different textures together, it makes an outfit seem more diverse. They don’t have to be extreme, like fur against silk, but even the subtle efforts don’t go unnoticed. Although my cotton check shirt bring a lot of colour to today’s look, I thought I would experiment with surrounding the shirt with denim, leather and even chiffon to complete today’s outfit. Underneath the button-up I’m wearing a chiffon vest-top the peeps out at the bottom and adds a little length without taking away from the shirt. My favourite super skinny denim jeans are from Next and incredibly comfortable, matching my navy pumps by Nike. My shoes, jacket and bag are all faux leather which is an ideal fabric for this time of year due to it’s warmth and durability. A leather jacket is a must-have, despite the colour or style. Overall, I managed to keep all the main focus on the brighter colours of my check or flannel shirt but still wear multiple textures and layers to keep warm.

Shirt – Topshop // Jacket – Miss Selfridge // Jeans – Next // Bag – Next // Shoes – Nike