A New Direction

Recently I have been struggling with blogging regularly. Over the past month or so, I have been weighed down with the feeling that I don’t quite fit in, no matter how hard I’m pushing. That’s not down to the bogging community being hostile to me in any way, it’s down to my over-dramatic brain trying to tell me I’m not comfortable with the content on my blog. To an extent, I do love just blogging about fashion, however, there’s so much more to say it and I don’t feel fulfilled just describing my outfit and favourite fabrics every day. Something about it doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t sit comfortably.

So, I have decided to switch things up a little, until I fall into the slot where I belong. I like to write, that’s my ambition and it’s what keeps me motivated. I like to share experiences but I still have a keen interest in fashion and style. I have decided my blog is going to feature more topical items, in contrast to my outfit of the day, almost every day. There will still be plenty of fashion-based posts, so it’s not a complete content change, yet, I would like to spend time also writing about things I enjoy and sharing more than just my wardrobe.