Dark December

Gravitating towards darker clothing during this time of year is only natural. I absolutely love to wear all-black, just because it’s one of my comfort colours so I tend to feel a lot more comfortable and confident in the colour. Today I couldn’t help but pick a few darker pieces, but tried not to go all-black by including my check or flannel jacket and playing around with different textures. Leather usually looks to darkest in comparison to denim or cotton so I think mixing these up can make an outfit look less… black. Charcoal jeans are a wardrobe favourite of mine so they had to be included in today’s look as they also match my jacket. I actually bought my zip-up in the summer during a sale and colour never find much to pair it with. However, this 100% cotton vest top is perfect. The top is very thin, and my jacket is quite loose so there’s room for me to layer within the outfit for warmth. Finally, I wanted to match my suede shoes with the suede patches on my oversized handbag to complete the look.