Follow the Wanderlust

This time of year always makes me feel reflective. I try not to look back in disappointment, although there is some confusion as I have no idea where 2014 went. At the beginning of the year, I have a completely different group of friends and was in the middle of my second year in sixth form. I was applying for university and thinking about all the opportunities that come rushing in after receiving grades. That’s how the teachers made life out to be. But over the summer, I learned it’s very different, and secondary school only disorientated my outlook on life. Getting a good job and a huge house can come in a few years. I need to see the world first. Leaving Europe is the first step, I have only been to two other countries in my life as the travelling lifestyle wasn’t always in my budget.
But, after creating my “one way ticket”, “the big apple” and “city of angels” boards on Pinterest, my obsession with seeing every continent in the world just gets deeper.
One of the best ways of experiencing just a taste of the travelling life is to watch vlogs and video diaries. Even the thought of leaving good ol’ Yorkshire and heading to London for a month is exciting, and Paris is a city of inspiration. My first beach holiday was in 2013 as I went to Salou, Spain and savoured every second. Salou is one city I could consider moving to, simply because there’s no panic and no stress, it’s all smiles.
Have you ever wanted to travel?

10 Places I Must Visit Before I (Decide to) Grow Up:
1. New York City
2. Los Angeles
3. Bondi Beach
4. Amsterdam
5. Toronto
6. Chiang Mai
7. Rio de Janeiro
8. Cape Town
9. Bangkok
10. Italy – the entire country.