10 Things I Secretly Hate That Everyone Loves

Inspired by this post, there are a few things that I simply cannot stand but everyone else seems to adore. Hate is quite an extreme word, so here is a list of things I very strongly dislike.

1. Breaking Bad

I have watched at least 5 episodes on Netflix but I do not see the appeal at all. The same goes for House of Cards, The Walking Dead and Orange is the New Black. I don’t find them entertaining or enjoyable to watch. This isn’t due to the genres of the shows, I’m close to obsessed with NCIS: Los Angeles and Prison Break, shows that create a tense and dramatic atmosphere. But Breaking Bad just didn’t make the cut.

2. Coffee

The smell alone makes me nauseous. Starbucks and Costa have become so prominent today, it’s all anyone seems to drink. The smell is so sickening I can’t bare to be around it – it’s a struggle. The prices of coffee today are absolutely ridiculous not to mention all the various forms it comes in, hot and cold. I have tried coffee, and Frappuccinos but unfortunately it wasn’t to my liking.

3. Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Rita Ora etc

I’m not going to totally bash all of the modern day pop singers as there are some that I like, yet, there are also some that drive me insane. This is mainly because they’re unoriginal, lack real understanding of music and create mind-numbing music. Regardless of how catchy a chorus can become, the poor lyrics and missing meanings are not my first choice.

4. Harry Potter

I know this could potentially often a lot of people as there are hard-core fans out there, but I’m not into it. I’ve read all the books and enjoyed them to an extent, but would never read them again. I admire JKR’s writing style but I don’t like the films at all. My family have every film on DVD so I’m not just hating from the outside, I really don’t see the appeal.

5. Football

As a child I used to be really into football, supporting Manchester United and then Arsenal but I just find the sport very boring now. On the other hand, I absolutely love American Football and I’m totally up-to-date with the NFL. Ask me any question about FIFA or any of the football cups and there wouldn’t be a certain answer. Alternatively, you can find me every Monday catching up on the Sunday Night Football in the US.

6. Facebook

Facebook become popular when I was about 13 and completely wiped out Bebo. At that time, no one cared about how many likes one photo could get or how many friends you had. In 2009, Facebook was used for group messages, games like Farmville and including your best friends in the description box underneath your profile picture. Now there’s cover photos, and profile pictures with thousands of likes. There’s no way 14-year-olds today was 4,000 friends. It seems to be a network that has abandoned the social part.

7. The Kardashians

In 2007, they weren’t that bad. But as their empire (and egos) grew, it’s almost impossible to escape. Websites like the Daily Mail seem to have a real obsession with this family but I have no idea why. As a group, they don’t really offer much to society and get though life showing body parts that nobody wants to see.

8. Thick Winged Eyeliner

A smaller wing is fine and I think looks amazing. However, when there a huge jet black line almost reaching the high of eyebrows, I feel it may have gone too far. Eyeliner looks much more effective if it is a thinner line with a smaller wing, which also makes your eyes look bigger.

9. Batman

Being fair, he does get the best villans, but Marvel has so many better super heros, I just find Batman very dull. The films were difficult to get through and Bruce Wayne’s ego doesn’t sit well with me. I’m not too keen on Batman’s voice or fighting style, despite his very convenient and effective gadgets.

10. Tomatoes

I hate tomatoes, yet I love every product derived from tomatoes. But the fruit itself is not a favourite of mine. The texture, smell and taste don’t appeal to me, even disguised in a salad or wrap. Tomato ketchup is like a completely different substance and tomato soup is my go-to meal for the chillier winter days.