5 Things That Make Me Smile

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Being an adult is still pretty rough. After my first week of work, and finally getting round to Monday again, I feel like it’s time for a pick-me-up; and it’s only the first day of the week. Not only do I finally understand why people always complain about working, but I have discovered every fault in public transport and it’s not as glorious as I imagined. Optimism needs to stay on top, so I thought I would remind myself of a few things that usually cheer me up when I’m just ‘meh’.

1. Snow. And sometimes even rain. Although I prefer them when I’m inside, watching snow fall is almost therapeutic and the sound of rain is relaxing to fall asleep to. The snow clouds have been a little shy in January despite a few sleet spells, and a little sprinkle of snow is enough to make me smile. The greatest thing about living away from the city centre is being able to watch the snow fall as well as watch it settle.

2. Fried food. Anything I know isn’t good for me is usually something I’m going to like. A Sunday fry-up sounds like the perfect thing on an early morning and the smell alone will make me smile. Despite my attempts to avoid fried or junk food, a few fries are a great way to feel a little warmer.

3. Movie nights. Paying almost £7 a month isn’t the best thing to dwell on, but being able to watch some of my favourite films and television shows on repeat is the easiest way for me to feel better. As a self-professed couch potato, one of my best talents is being able to watch three seasons of a tv show in two days.

4. Winter sun. Waking up on a chilly morning is incredibly difficult, but with the slight shimmer of sun, it’s that little bit easier. The natural light is almost like motivation for me to actually wake up, otherwise it’s not really happening. Similarly, sitting indoors all day at a desk isn’t as productive as one would imagine. Seeing the sun shine through the windows keeps me wide awake and feeling content.

5. Window shopping. Most people would say this makes them miserable, but I actually really enjoy browsing shops. Window shopping is a lot easier with an empty bank account, but trying on clothes and going to the sale rack is a great way to inspire your personal style and experiment with what’s out on the high street.