Blissful Beauty Sleep

A particular talent of mine is being able to sleep for extremely long periods of time. After a year of part-time jobs and work experience, there is nothing I’m going to miss more that sleeping till 1pm. As I enter full time work, that means less lazy mornings and twice as many train journeys and coffee runs. As much as I like being awake early, I don’t like waking up early – it makes sense in my head. But being a real working girl is helping me to realise the real benefits of a good night’s rest. During school, I could get away with lack of sleep because I barely paid attention, but now, I realise my concentration levels slowly decreasing the less sleep I get. 

Last year, I could fall asleep anywhere, at any time and in any position, but this month just seems to be against the odd nap. There are plenty of tips online for the best ways to fall asleep but non of them really seem to be working. However, I did find one method that working like a charm – being productive. Getting moments of motivation in the late hours is not unusual for me so when I decided to write a short story, draw something or read a very slow-paced book before bed, it became difficult to keep my eyes open. Sitting in front a bright screen never helped, but being bundled up in blankets with a warm drink and a pen and pad sends me to sleep before I can realise it. 

Now that I have learnt and experience the benefits of the extra hour or so in bed, I’m no longer falling asleep on my way to work!

Sleeping Masks // notonthehighstreet,com