Closet Clean-Out

There are so many reasons why a closet clean-out is essential this season. We’re not even a fortnight into the new year which means there’s plenty of time to make the fresh start you promise every year. A brand new wardrobe isn’t in my budget, but getting a few pieces here and there is a great way to develop your style and experiment more. I’m a working girl which means I’m always on the lookout for new looks to try that appear professional and stylish. 2015 is just getting started – the perfect excuse to splurging on January’s best sales.

Get a head start on spring cleaning. Most people dread it, but there has to be a time when everything needs to be organised before it gets out of control. Claiming you have “nothing to wear” despite a wardrobe bursting at the seems is all too frustrating. Closet cleaning doesn’t have to been seen as an upcoming chore, it should be a chance to finally take a look at the hidden gems that have been missing all year.

Spring is almost around the corner, and will arrive much quicker than expected so there’s no better time to get your wardrobe in check. You may even be ahead of trends without realising, fashion always comes back around. More is not always the merrier and there’s no reason why an 8-year-old jacket can’t go to another lucky owner and be worn with pride. There are plenty of different platforms available for selling clothing, from apps like Depop to the ever-popular eBay. Anything that no longer fits, is damaged or simply doesn’t suit you does not need to be crumpled and stuffed into the back of your wardrobe!

Any excuse for a fashion show should be taken. Try on just about everything you own just take make sure it still fits and is worth keeping. Organisation in a closet becomes key when you can no longer find something to wear in under 20 minutes. By trying your items on, you may discover mystery pieces that look way better than when you bought them. I recently found a floral bomber jacket I haven’t worn since 2012 and it’s in perfect condition. Closet cleaning always comes with surprises, so why not start digging?