Cosmetic Lifesavers

I don’t wear foundation every day because most of the time I don’t really need it. Without boasting, my skin doesn’t getting many spots but have some areas of minor hyper-pigmentation so I will use foundation to cover this if necessary. My go-to base is No7’s Stay Perfect liquid foundation. It’s not too pricey but does the job brilliantly. Long-lasting is essential for me, so this foundation has become a favourite. I often find it difficult to find foundations that will not irritate my skin which will cause it to break out. This brand has a hypoallergenic formula which means, for majority of users, it won’t cause allergic reactions or skin irritation. SPF isn’t too important to me but the foundation is SPF 15 which can be useful in the summer.

Two other lifesavers include Glo-Minerals’ Champange Rose eyeshadow trio and Nivea’s Soothing Day Cream, I like to experiement a lot with different eyeshadow colours, and plan on extending my collection through the year, but when I’m in a hurry and need something simple that will still stand out, I go to this trio palette. The brown shade is almost identical to my skin tone, so I often blend this with the pink to highlight my eyes and still show a natural look. I use the lightest colour in the corner of my eyes and occasionally blend over the top of the other two for extra shimmer. All the colours work for every skintone and the long-lasting formula is perfect for a working day.

I don’t use a lot of face washes or masks because they don’t really benefit my skin. The main way I like to keep my skin clear is lots of water and plenty of moisture. Every morning, I use this day cream by Nivea before applying my make-up and after washing my face. Over the last few weeks it has really helped to keep my skin clear and fresh throughout the day, a definite lifesaver!