Staying Fresh

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New Year’s resolutions have never worked for me. I always
set them, but had trouble sticking to them. The “new year, new me” mind-set
always comes into play on New Year’s Eve, but usually by now I would have
completely abandoned that philosophy and gone back to being non-productive. Dieting
has always been a struggle, I have tried so many different methods but I never
stick to them – bad food is just too good. However, this year seems to be
different. 2015 seems like it’s already going to be an amazing year. On New
Year’s Eve I found out I had been successful in a job interview and finally
gotten a (temporary) full-time job. This may not sound like a dream come true
for most, but it’s experience and it’s a pay check which are all I need to get
started in the real world. The job is in Leeds, which means waking up early to
get the train and having a little more responsibility that’s only necessary for
someone my age. A new job means I’m going to have to ‘suck it up’ and be confident in my job role to prove I have what it takes and get a grate
reference once I’m done.

A new job is the perfect motivation to actually staying on
track this year. But my goal isn’t just a fresh start in 2015, it’s to stay fresh. For example, if I want to do
something, I’m going to do it. I recently bought 5 books over the Christmas
period to freshen up my love for reading and improve my writing skills. Waking
up with a positive outlook rather than my first sarcastic thought of the day is
a start and a professional job should really help me stay focus and become much
better at organising myself.

And finally, blogging. My first real hobby that I threw
myself into. I want to keep writing, and posting as much as possible. Even if
that means being incredibly busy all
the time. Blogging was always a way for me to improve myself and sticking to
that is the best method to staying fresh.