The Paris Obsession

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In the words of  Audrey Hepburn, “Paris is always a good idea.” There’s something about this city that has me completely mesmerised, making it one of my favourite cities in the world. Paris brings out the inner wanderlust despite it’s luxurious budget not always being on my side. Unlike New York City, I have been to Paris a few times and each time is better than the trip before. I have an aunt who just returned to Paris today and after spending 15 minutes at the airport, I really wanted to go with her. My last trip to the City of Lights was in March 2013 and each moment is still fresh in my memory. Sailing down the Seine at 10pm was magical as I took at least 40 photos of the Notre Dame Cathedral with the Eiffel shimmering every hour.

Paris tends to bring out my inner fashionista, and whenever I’m there I feel 10% more confident than I would right here in the UK. Not only do I love to travel, but being in a city that’s full of inspiration at every corner is a dream come true. The city has a glamorous stigma to it that some say will fade away after a few months of overcrowded underground tubes and tourists, but I don’t believe it. After spending just a few days there I already feel like I could live in a small apartment close to the city centre.

My aunt moved there when she was 25 after spending a while in London and eventually taking the plunge. After receiving a C in GCSE French, I still have a while to brush up on the language before I move over too. Posters and postcards aren’t going to cut it, the fascination and total infatuation is way too strong. Moving to Paris isn’t down to the classy craze, it’s a genuine dream and hope.