Whatever Size Will Do

Learning to shop my size used to be incredibly difficult. It doesn’t really matter what size you are, some people just aren’t comfortable with a busy store and people looking over your shoulder. I have always been too tall for my age, which meant I had to buy clothes that were bigger for length, but I was never the slim type either. Confidence plays a huge factor in being able to choose up your own clothes size, and it comes down to simply not caring about the opinion of others, because they’re probably not even looking.

In my mind, whenever I was shopping, I used to almost feel ashamed to pick up my size and was convinced other people were watching or judging me. But after a long period of reading “clothes numbers don’t define us” posts and continually doing everything in my power to boost my confidence, I started to embrace my shape and actually open my eyes to realise the world doesn’t revolve around me. People tend to mind their own business and it’s down to you to realise not many people care whether you’re picking up a size 6 or a size 16. 

My style has evolved a lot from being younger. I no longer shop at Jane Norman just for the snazzy carrier bags and I have no issue looking around F&F at Tesco for the occasional staple piece. When it comes down to how I like clothes to fit, I like a really loose fit and comfortable fabrics. I know textiles well, so I have learnt what fabrics will change or alter when washed or expand after use. Today, I have absolutely no problem picking up a size 18 in Topshop despite that being bigger than my real dress size. 

I tend to ignore the numbers on hangers and shop for the fit rather than the size; which is exactly why TK Maxx is one of my favourite stores. In-store shopping can be a challenge and takes real determination to dig through the hundred of clothing rails, but two jumpers could be marked medium and yet completely different sizes. Primark is my go-to store for affordable casual t-shirts. Although the quality isn’t always phenomenal, there are plenty of different styles to go with. Shopping nowadays is plenty of fun rather than an anxiety-filled nightmare. Realising there are many more people sat in this boat makes every trip a lot more enjoyable.