Why I Hate Summer

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Summer in the UK isn’t the typical summer, I could happily live in the South of France and enjoy the sunshine each and every day, but there’s something about summer in England that I just can’t bear. I enjoyed my first real beach holiday in 2013 when I visited Salou on a huge family holiday. Despite getting a little heatstroke, I enjoyed fun-filled days and loved the summer. On the other hand, the English sun is just a little more ‘uncomfortable’.

In general, I prefer winter because I like feeling cosy and warm rather than sweaty and ready to self-combust. I like blankets, white landscapes, layers of clothing, not shaving my legs, fires and hot chocolate. Summer is an out-going season, it’s for those who love festivals, sandals and barely-there clothing. Laying in the sun for hours isn’t beneficial for me anyway, I just get darker and warm. Hayfever ruins my summers most years, mainly because it’s linked to asthma which is possibly the most frustrating condition on the planet. I associate summer in the UK with stickiness, unnecessary shirtless humans and awkward park picnics. For some absurd reason, many people feel the need to bathe in public fountains or water features which isn’t a sight I’m desperate to see in July.

For me, summer is a month-long battle to keep cool, as I constantly complain I’m way too warm. The non-stop festivals are great for socialites but I like cosy nights in and non-stop Netflix which helped me fall in love with the winter season. There’s more opportunity to experience with your style in winter, layering and different coats or jackets are a great way to accentuate any wardrobe. I adore the sunshine, especially when I’m in another country; but over here, summer thankfully only lasts a few weeks.