Working Girl: Day One

From being only a few feet tall, I have been desperate to grow up and live a mature world. Well, today I have changed my mine. Being an adult it’s that great, it’s actually pretty tiring. I had my first day of work today and felt pretty confident about it despite an entire night panicking about the impending first day.

The morning started out pretty smoothly, I managed to get a seat on the train despite having to endure an entire 20 minutes of a couple physically expressing their affection towards one another right in front of me. That would be the only downside to not getting a window seat; despite this, I still have headphones which instantly make any journey nauseating. After going through a tour of the building and getting to know a few team members, lunch approached quickly.
For some reason, my brain went into instant panic mode and I found myself already in tears as I exited the elevator. My first instinct is to ring my mum, a bitter-sweet option as it’s the easiest way to feel less overwhelmed but also the easiest way to begin crying hysterically – luckily I didn’t reach that point. The reason behind my lunchtime tears is still unknown, the work isn’t too difficult and my colleagues are very nice.

By the end of the day, I was just excited to be on a train home; little did I know the day was about to get way worse. As I reached the train station, into my (brand new) Ivanka Trump tote to grab my (brand new) Karl Lagerfeld purse, I realised it was missing. Panic is an understatement. My immediate thought was Starbucks, where I went for lunch so I ran back as quick as one can in a pencil dress. Fortunately, my pink purse had been picked up by the waitress who served me and they happily handed it to me. Holding back tears was a struggle, words would barely form as I tried to thank the Starbucks staff.

Tomorrow is a new try and I’m going to try to put this below freezing, emotional rollercoaster day behind me. I imagined a full-time working life to be rewarding, but the day ends with me wrapped in fur blankets and Netflix till I drift off.