Better Than Lipstick

I don’t like wearing lipstick as a lot of the brands I have tried out tend to have sticks that fade after time. There are high quality lipsticks but they’re too expensive for their size and use. After recently shopping at Marks and Spencer for their bronzer which I can use as power. They have a line there under the name of Lola, (official website) which I’m always open to trying. The “Makeup by Perse” line has just about everything I need for everyday make-up; however every so often, I like to add colour to my lips as a twist. Red is usually my go-to colour as I shy away from pinks and oranges. 

Their lip gloss which is available for £10 at M&S was the first thing I was drawn to due to the bright colour and simple packaging. The colour I chose is “006 Red” and I immediately loved the non-sticky texture which is common among most lip glosses. The trouble I have with lipsticks that don’t cost over £20 is that they often dry out and dry out my lips in the process. The colour in this lip gloss is not too strong and over-bearing, but it also hydrates my lips without fading after a few hours. This gloss has genuinely become one of my favourites to keep this season.