My Guilty Pleasure Reads

There are very few books I will read over and over. They have to have specific sections that really grab my attention or that I can easily relate to for them to remain in my memory. There are also books that I just can’t help but adore due to the memory attached to reading them or the characters I just fell in love with. These three books are some that I re-read over the winter and became obsessed with.


I’ll Take New York by  Miranda Dickinson.

There is definitely a Christmassy feel to this book which made it one of my favourite winter reads. Out of the three, this book is my favourite as it’s a classical romance story that’s based in one of my favourite cities. The descriptive language in each chapter made the storyline seem all the more real and the book touches on romance as well as never losing hope and taking chances. Although the storyline is predictable, the romance is never forced and the characters are well developed before even meeting. It’s obvious the author has a real love for New York City and that’s evident in the narrative. The book is more of a ‘chic lit’ love story, it leaves you feeling inspired. I found it incredibly difficult to put this book down, saying “awwwwh” throughout and being desperate to read just one more chapter.

The Manifesto on How to be Interesting by Holly Bourne
This is a piece of young adult literature this will always stick in my brain. The great thing that draws you in is the relatable protagonist and storyline. It’s a book I wish I would have read when going through the younger years of secondary school. Even though school wasn’t that long ago for me, this book  had me feeling nostalgic for my education days. The gripping thing is the realistic and relevant narrative and characters that are introduced throughout. It highlights some of the pressures and struggles that most people go through when in school and makes me very grateful that it’s all over. This story helps you to realise happiness is much more important than reputation.

L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad
I have been obsessed with Lauren Conrad since The Hills so it was only natural to buy her book a few years ago. The first thing I loved is that the chapter titles are sentences or phrases taken from the chapter. The storyline does have a autobiographical feel which develops the characters well, especially if you know Lauren Conrad. The plot isn’t too deep or intense which makes this book the perfect light or beach read. It’s an easy way to get distracted from reality without diving in too deep. When reading, you almost get sucked into a reality show, which is very addicting. This book is definitely a teen novel, which is how it managed to make it onto my guilty pleasures list.