Winter Wonderland Walking

Winter is by far my favourite time of the year. When wrapping up warm, there’s nothing to hate about this season. Nothing is more exciting than watching the snow fall, and as I live quite far away from any city centres, just about everything is blanketed by the snow. At the smallest sight of snowfall, the first thing I did was head outside with my camera to take a few shots. Despite the depth not being too bad, I still love the bright white sky and bare trees. My winter style, especially for chilly walks is very basic; all I need are a few layers, my waterproof coat, a pair of thermal leggings, climbing boots and a beanie. In the wintertime, I just seem to turn into a little child at Christmas taking in every aspect of the season even if it’s not in full effect. I may be partial to this time of year because it means I can walk through the woodland areas without running and screaming from every form of flying insect I sense. There is a calming sense about snow and the winter which I have just taken a liking to.