Face Wash Favourites

Garnier Pure Active Gel Wash
This has become a favourite because it smells ridiculously good. I’m a sucker for a fruity fragrance which drew me straight to this wash. The great thing about this daily wash is that it’s thick and soapy unlike a lot of brands which sell thin facial washes despite the great scent. The amazing aroma fills the room, but I also use it as a mini mask when taking a bath allowing the suds to take over. The smooth serum doesn’t leave my skin dry which I value due to my skin type. The was is full of moisture and plenty of bubbles which I use twice a day. This product is a great way to alert me in the morning as waking up early is by far the worst thing about being a grown up. A quick facial wash in the morning preps my skin for make-up and helps me actually keep my eyes open throughout the day. The wash rinses well with water which makes it really use and effective to use.

Garnier Pure Active Gel Scrub & Neutrogena Visibly Clear Daily Scrub
I use two different scrubs to help me exfoliate my skin. Dirt and filth don’t always come off with the face wash so I use both scrubs once a day. This is just to ensure tough and long-lasting make-up products like my foundation are cleared from my skin to prevent spots. I also use preventative scrubs just to give my skin that extra push in really keeping the blackheads away. I had a full fring for about two years which meant the skin on my forehead was basically neglected, leaving me which a few spots on my forehead and that area being prone to break-outs. Using these scrubs together has really helped to keep this area clean and moisturised. I have used a few products in the past that were too damaging to my skin despite my soft approach. Both scrubs are exfoliating and don’t rub too hard, but rather massage it without tearing off layers of skin.