Jolly Jumper

There are some items in my closet that I can never let go of, either because they have a sentimental touch or a significant memory I like to remember attached to them. With this jumper, it was the first item I bought on a shopping trip with my friends when I was only twelve. This may not seem like a very big deal, but when I was younger, shopping trips to the city centre were a huge thing, especially when there were no parents. It’s a lot different now and tweens seem to be skipping the awkward pink jeans stage I went through. Surprisingly, this jumper still fits as I bought a large size all those years ago. It has stuck with me and stayed in great condition ever since. The sweater slowly became my favourite, and during the winter I would wear it just about everywhere.

Jumper // Topshop

Jeans // Urban Outfitters

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