Magical Music Apps

I have a very wide music taste and enjoy most genres as background music. I am possibly the worst person for making playlists, because I never know where to start or what to include. There are a few music apps I use on a regular basis that I rely on most days when travelling, blogging and working out.


I tend to use Spotify more as the programme on my computer as I can listen to anything on demand. The mustic list is endless and there are plenty of other users with amazing playlists that I follow and adore. The iOS 8 app works really well (despite adverts and limited skips). It’s great for throwing on any old playlist or artist; however if your playlist is too short Spotify with automatically include some extra tracks which can be a blessing or a curse. I have dance around upgrading to Spotify Premiumfor a while as it certainly has it’s benefits, such as offline streaming which is great for on-the-go. The price per month is what keeps me from taking the plunge.


This app is great for discovering new music. Like Spotify, you can create and follow playlists made by other users, but not albums or artists. To find playlists, you can search something to fit your mood, surroundings or activity and narrow the search by selecting adjectives that appear in the list. Spotify also has this feature, including playlists made by Spotify rather than just users, but 8tracks promoted the feature first so I use it more often. There’s a playlist for every situation possible and it’s one of my favourite ways to find new music to add to my library. There isn’t an offline feature for this app, but the website and app do not include sound advertisements despite this application also having limited skips per playlist.


BBC Radio 1 and 1XTRA are two of my favourite radio stations. This app is one of the only ways I listen to the radio because my iPod is constantly playing. I use this app to listen to the Radio 1 Breakfast Show in the mornings which helps me to have a great start to the day. The sleek design is one of my favourite things about the app, and the option for every radio station by the BBC is available, including a tab named “find local radio” that will use the location services on your device to find a station near you. The iOS 8 application is extremely effective and has never broken down or stopped responding.


The original source of music before new media took over. I don’t use YouTube for music everyday, mainly because I can’t close the app and keep the video playing. YouTube was my main source for lyric and music videos, before the advertisement days. YouTube has changed a lot from the original iPhone app, and the “Music” tab on the “What to Watch” page is usually where I head to find YouTube Mixes and recommended videos. I can also find videos from artists I’m subscribed to and always find the newest and latest music videos to hit VEVO.