Pull Your Socks Up

Working full time has helped me to realise I have a very short attention span. Getting bored easily is becoming natural and finding the motivation to do anything is slipping away. It’s strange how quickly the time disappears in the evenings in contrast to during the day. My to-do list is getting longer, whereas the days are getting shorter. Every so often I go through these phases of “okay, let’s sort out” but it never gets done, or what is completed only lasts a few days. 2015 has already been an eye-opening, reality-slapping year and now is the best time to really pull my socks up. 

Getting into a Routine

This is an essential. Waking up early every day is a shock to the system when waking at around 11 and scrolling through Bloglovin’ all day is the norm. Getting into a routine is difficult, but once the ball gets rolling and the internal body clock has adjusted, it’s the best way to get the day started.

Eat Real Food

I’m rushing around left, right and centre during the day which leaves me nibbling snacks and unhealthy food. Not only is this terrible for my health, but it also leaves me with headaches and less energy which isn’t fair on my body. Packing a lunch or planning where and when to have meals is a great way to maintain a diet and cut down on the caffeine. 

Actually Use the Calendar

The app on my phone has never been more useful. I do have a calendar hung above my desk, as well as a day planner, but electronic reminders are an amazing way to keep the day in check. With voice control and automatic alarm clocks, there’s no reason to be late or miss a meeting!

Plan Everything

I can become a control freak with organisation, which is really a double-edged sword. Everything in my day must now be planned the night before, from my outfit to where I’ll stand on the train platform. A packed bag keeps my mind at peace and less anxious on a busy day.