Triple Threat

Black Leather Boots, Dorothy Perkins, £39.99
This pair of boots were my first ever Chelsea boots. I jumped straight onto the band wagon and followed bloggers and celebrities into the leather phenomenon. They’re comfy stlish and easy to wear which makes them one of my favourite airs. On a busy day, I lean towards these boots as they aren’t too tight-fitting and have a flat but very sturdy sole for me to rush around in. The shape fits my feet perfectly as they’re not a wide fit but still leave plenty of room. The basic style helps them pair well with just about everything I own.

Suede Ankle Boots, Next, £37.00
I tend to wear these boots to quite formal events, because they can be easily dressed up. The ontrast in heel and material fives them a bit of edge and adds the small contrast in colour to a look. Fortunately, the suede looks great against tights which have helped these boots become a winter favourite. And who doesn’t love suede? The heel is high enough for the to be worn with casual attire as well as a much less colloquial setting.

Black Leather Ankle Boots, Next, £34.00
I was first reluctant to purchase these boots due to the pointed toe and unique look. Pointier toes always make feet look longer in my opinion, which is something I have always been concious of. However, paired with jet black or even charcoal jeans they highlight the best in a black on black look with the tiny details in the boots making the outfit seem more exciting and put together with minimal effort. The leather isn’t shiny which means it doesn’t contrast with common fabrics such as denim or jersey. I love that the boots pair well with dresses as well as jeans, as it’s quite difficult to find an ankle boot style that’s so versatile.