Wrapping in the Warmth

Travelling between train stations are the moments in my day I least look forward to. The busy atmosphere and malfunctioning ticket gates don’t get to me. It’s the cold northern breeze that runs through the enormous grey building that leaves me frozen solid. I have lived in Yorkshire my entire life, but I still can’t get used to the chilly temperatures. Despite this time of year being a season I treasure, there is nothing I dread more than stepping out into that crisp wind. There are a few ways I like to stay warm without dressing up like the Michelin Man.

Thermals Work.
I used to take these toasty gems for granted. Almost every item of clothing is available in a thermal form. From coats to dresses and even tights. I underestimated the power of such a fabric that has been around for so many years. Not only are thermals available in most camping/outdoor stores, they’re usually in neutral and basic colours so can be disguised and blend well with normal clothing. Thermals are advantageous because they’re often quite thin and great for layering.
Layers, Layers, Layers.
A technique used by our ancestors to keep warm throughout the colder season. One of the main reason I adore fashion at this time of year is because I can experiment with layers – mixing colours, textures and patterns to create an interesting look. It’s a great way to spice up an everyday look and create multiple statement pieces without going overboard. Throwing thermals in the mix is the key to finding extra heat. I usually have a mix of scares, tops and jackets to try and layers, keeping the top-half warm.
Beautiful Boots.
I have always worn ankle boots as a quick and easy casual style pick. Thigh high boots are immensely popular, especially among celebrities with suede being the favoured pick. Unfortunately, they don’t suit everyone including myself. However, there are so many different styles available in high street stores with end-of-season sales being only a few weeks away. I prefer a tiny heel, because they elongate the legs and can pull an outfit together. Being drawn to black boots is a habit I’m desperately trying to break; I’ve also found that good quality boots don’t need to be real leather which helps when you’re shopping on a budget.
Now that I actually have to abandon the internet and go outside everyday, I value my woolly knits more than ever. I recently bought a Michael Kors beanie hat from TK Maxx which keeps my enormous head warm and ears hidden. The thick knit is perfect, and the dark charcoal fits well with many other colours. There’s nothing better than finishing work at 5pm and wrapping up in a super soft and extra long scarf. My hands are always¬†cold so the extra pair of “magic gloves” do the trick perfectly. Earmuffs are also available in stores such as Claire’s and Accessorize for great prices.