Hello Oslo.

At the end of this month, myself and two of my very good friends will be packing up and heading to Norway for a few days. I don’t travel a lot, simply because it would become a financial strain, but I’m so excited to spend a few days exploring Oslo. Since the tickets were booked, I spend a lot of my time just reading through articles about the great events in Norway, as well as looking up things to do to create an itinerary. Pinterest is extremely helpful for images, alongside Tumblr which is where I found all the photos included in this post. Travel DIY and tip videos are my new obsession and quickly filling the Watch Later playlist on YouTube. We chose to go to Oslo for something different, as fun as a beach holiday is, I like to explore and learn about places I would have never considered which made this trip an easy decision. This little trip will tick a few things off my bucket list which seems to be getting longer each day.  I can’t wait to visit the City of Tigers and share the thousands of photos I’ll take with you!