Hi-Five for Hi-Shine

Barry M has always an ultra-popular brand after it’s successful nail polish range. As someone who prefers painted nails, I am in a constant search for a good polish to promote and wear on a regular basis. With nail polished that are at an affordable price, they’re often quite low quality which is usually why the price is so love. Barry M’s Nail Paint is quite the opposite. Out of their whole range, I have taken a liking to their Gelly Hi-Shine varnishes after reading positive reviews in the blogging atmosphere; plus a few metallic paints too. For those who don’t love a shiny look, Barry M also do a range of matte finish polishes online and in stores. The great thing about the Nail Paint is the wide range and durability. For me, it’s important my nails stay chip-free for at least a week. Barry M’s Gelly Hi-Shine can last around 11-14 days with two coats before any chips appear. That’s excluding the fact that I usually smudge my nails seconds after painting them. The gel paint is also very easy to remove, which is great for me as someone who love to change the colour of my nails frequently. With a lot of high-market brands, the nail varnish is almost impossible to remove with a cotton pad and remover which gets really frustrating. I prefer the Hi-Shine as it dries in a reasonably quick time and can be removed without having to dig out the chainsaw.

Colours L-R: Blood Orange, Blue Grape, Plum.