Magazines I Can’t Live Without

Fashion magazines are publications I have collected from the age of 11. While going through my “I want to be a fashion designer” phase, I would spend hours flicking through and taking in the creations of other masters of flair and elegance. This obsession quickly excelled into subscriptions and a real appreciation for the hard work that goes on behind each issue. Working at a magazine would be a dream job for me, as I’m not textiles queen but I know my fair share of the media industry having studied it for five years. I have quickly learnt what works and what doesn’t on a cover and within magazines. However, nothing will stop be picking up a glossy style bible for my monthly intake.


Out of the magazines I look forward to the most, Bazaar is the greatest. I love every aspect of this magazine along with it’s writers and editors. One thing I really applaud is the editorial and graphic design detail that goes along with each article and page. It’s not too full of advertisements which makes it easy to carry and read on the go. I tend to pick up Bazaar for my fashion reports, both their magazine and website are really useful to stay up to date on what’s on the runway and in style. The photography in this magazine is also fabulous, alongside the brilliant titles and headlines featured throughout.

ELLE (May 2015)

I rely on this magazine for fashion stars and valuable topics without being flooded with and product placements. It’s a superb magazine to sit curled up with in the evening with an enormous mug of hot chocolate and a pile of snacks. Elle has a really great section on beauty which is a great template for experimenting. They often have a variety of stylish topics from a large range of writers and journalists so it’s very difficult to become bored while flicking through.


The one thing I adore about Cosmo, is that it features a little bit of everything. There is something in each issue that one person will love which I think is why it has such an enormous readership. It’s a really girly magazine which I love and is great for relating to other women around the country as well as friends. The magazine is full of experiences and advice in addition to fashion and beauty tips which make it perfect for my train ride each morning.


Vogue is a fashion lover’s guide to style. It’s like a portfolio or scrapbook of anything worth remembering from the runway right in your hands. I first started buying this magazine for the amazing editorial and design which I idolised as a graphics student. Vogue already has such an elegant reputation, it was the first fashion magazine I came across. I also really appreciate the journalism skills featured within the magazine and often use it to help develop my own skills. The May issue also came with a More Dash Than Cash mini-mag (in association with Next) which is great for readers who tend to shop on more of a budget.

RED (May 2015)
Many people are quite surprised to find out I read Red magazine but I love the sophistication this publication brings. It’s a classic women’s magazine and features real in-depth articles about topics that are worth thinking about. It often features quite inspiring men and women which makes a fantastic night-time read. This magazine also features recipes that I enjoy attempting to complete. It comes with healthy options for during the day but also creative ideas to spice up the evenings.

TEEN VOGUE (April 2015)
Although I’m an older teen, I still really enjoy reading this magazine. It has a really youthful vibe (obviously) that I can still identify with. The cover stars are often teenagers too which makes them relatable to readers. The magazine covers issues that teens and young people face, from school or university to fashion and friends. Their website is also a marvellous tool in finding new bloggers to look out for or find inspiration from. Teen Vogue is one magazine designed for the younger generation that can also apply to the pre-adults too.