What’s in My Work Bag

 Luxury is not having to lug three ring-binders around on a daily basis. Everything I need, I leave in the office, which means I can fill my bag with my ‘essentials’ without having to worry about folder space. This Fiorelli shoulder bag was bought from TK Maxx at £44.99. Fiorelli has remained a reliable source of handbags and accessories for me as they produce high quality products at reasonable prices. Their products are also available across a range of stores from Asos to Debenhams, so they’re never hard to find. I bought this bag last summer in an eager bid to add colour to my wardrobe for the remainder of the season. Since then, I have carried this bag just about everywhere and it’s remained in great condition. The bright blue coordinates well with a lot of items in my wardrobe which makes it very easy to carry. Inside, there’s a small zip pocket, as well as a pocket on the back of the bag.

 Books. I have a 2015 day-to-day planner with me everywhere I go. this planner was bought from Staples at £5.50 at the beginning of the year. Inside, I plan every minute of my day because I would be completely lost without some sense of organisation. It even includes blog posts that are scheduled to go live, and times I need to remember to actually use my social networking accounts like Instagram and Twitter – which I occasionally neglect. As I’m at work for most of the day, I usually plan out my spare evenings as time just seems to slip away! In my bag, I also carry a plain black, lined journal from Paperchase. I use this notepad for jotting down every idea that ever pops into my mind. From blog posts, to feelings and so on. Having an hour for lunch is great as I spend the entire time in the library, coming up with post ideas and writing out ideas I can’t forget.

 Valuables. My Karl Lagerfeld purse was bought from TK Maxx at £9.99 – that’s the truth. This is one of the most valuable items in my bag as it contains the key to my bank account, along with travel passes and discount cards that I never remember to use. The purse is real leather and usually ends up getting lost at some point during the day. My iPad Mini was a bit of a luxurious, offbeat purchase as I don’t really like to splash out now it’s my own money. But this tiny tablet is extremely useful, for daily use as well as blogging. The iPad is wifi-only, but this doesn’t stop me from using the Microsoft Word app to type up posts when I’m too lazy to write! When wifi is an option, I use the tablet just like a laptop! My glasses are incredibly valuable to me, mainly because they’re my only pair. The Tommy Hilfiger frames were bought from Specsavers and there’s not much I can do without them. I also carry two lip balms – you can never have too many. Baby Lips by Maybelline and Happy Lips by Blistex are my top ranking balms for the spring. They’re around the same price and I would recommend both.

I’m a little bit of a germ-freak, I like cleanliness and can’t live without a high standard of hygine. So I was incredibly lucky when I found out a travel size anti-bacterial gel and cleansing wipes set were being sold in the “Strawberry Laces” scent! Carex have helped me through the stuggle of public transport with their useful range. The wipes can be used on face,body and hands which makes them useful for work and while I’m on the go. The scent, unlike most antiseptic products isn’t abominable and unbearable. I also carry a hand cream by Carex, which I use at least once every three hours. My teeny tiny tooth comb is from Superdrug and was only 99p! Finally, I carry a make-up bag with a few essentials such as mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and a basic eye-shadow palette to top up during the day.